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There’s nothing like a fine piece of jewellery to instantly elevate you. It draws your natural elegance and grace to the surface, serves as a statement of who you are, how you choose to be and leaves a legacy for your generations to come.

From playing with my grandmother's jewellery as a child, to choosing my engagement ring with the love of my life, I was always particular and passionate about diamonds. I remained mesmerised by the powerful emotions I felt looking at my jewellery pieces, be it my engagement ring or pieces passed down to me by my grandmother.

This laid the foundation for me becoming a bespoke jewellery curator and collector over the years. I further developed my keen eye and natural penchant for jewels by becoming a GIA-certified Gemologist and Jewellery Professional.

I started discovering where the best stones in the world come from, be it a vivid green Colombian emerald, an unheated Burmese ruby or an ethically sourced flawless Canadian diamond. When I came across the environmental concerns and ethical controversies around diamond mining, I educated myself in laboratory-grown diamonds and liked the freedom of choice they provide to the conscious consumer. Natural or laboratory-grown – I wanted to deliver the best gems in the world, never compromising on quality, and giving my customers the ultimate freedom to choose the right stone for their piece.

Building on a reputation of quality and excellence, here I am – a lover of high-quality gemstones and fine craftsmanship, spreading the timeless love contained in bespoke pieces to what feels true to you, your essence and self-expression.

Sourcing from the best laboratories and mines in the world and designing with bespoke precision – I prioritise helping my customers find the perfect piece that makes a statement. Feel free to learn about how I can help you source, select or design your dream jewellery by contacting us.