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Ring Sizer

Request a Free Ring Sizer

We are happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer so that you can easily measure your ring size at home. Currently, we are only shipping complimentary ring sizers within the UK. Ring sizers will arrive in three to five business days.

If you are placing your order from any other country, we apologise for not being able to send you a ring sizer at home. We suggest you order a ring sizer from an online marketplace such as Amazon, or pay a visit to a local jeweller to find out your correct ring size.


Secure the end through the buckle to form a ring shape. Slip your finger through the loop and pull the end through.

Similar to a belt, you want this to be tight, but not uncomfortably so. You should be able to slip it back over your knuckle. When it feels snug, look to the little black arrow to determine your ring size and you’re done.

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you measure the correct finger on the correct hand.
  • Make sure the finger is at normal body temperature - fingers can shrink or expand when hot or cold.
  • Rings with wider bands fit a bit tighter. If you plan to measure one of your partner's rings, try to measure one with a similar width as the ring you want to purchase.
  • If you don't know your partner's ring size, selecting one of the standard ring sizes is your best choice. The average ring size for women is M.